Here are some of the steps we will be taking to reduce the carbon footprint of Packaging Recycling Summit 2023.

  • We will utilize recyclable name badges made from 40% recycled material.
  • Fully compostable lanyard constructed from bamboo and plant-based plastic or bio-based plastic.
  • Rather than printing programs, our event mobile app will be your go-to resource for all event information, including the agenda, speaker profiles, sponsor collateral, etc. 
  • A very limited amount of printed signage will be produced and will be done so on biodegradable corrugated mounting boards.
  • Sponsors can participate in a post-show donation program, benefitting local organizations, by donating any unwanted food, electronics, or tabletop materials.
  • A reusable bottle will be provided and water refill stations will be available throughout the meeting space.
  • Dual recycling bins and trash cans will be placed around the venue.
  • The Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead has implemented several sustainable initiatives. View them here