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The ROI of Robotic Automation

The Business Case for Robotic Automation for Packaging Is Easier Than You Think

For many, automation is the answer to the challenges created by labor shortages and the rising cost of doing business. Robotics, in particular, present an intriguing option for brands and contract packagers alike. Yet making the business case remains difficult. Robotic automation is often seen as the territory of major brands with in-house engineering expertise and deep pockets to invest in sophisticated equipment.

The truth is that the cost of robotic automation for packaging is easier to justify than many think, and with new technologies emerging daily, applications are evolving rapidly.

Packaging Robotics Live & Local, presented by Packaging World, delivers an inside look at the latest robotic technologies through case study presentations and interactive panel discussions from industry experts. Armed with this knowledge, attendees will see how robotics can quickly increase operational efficiency and reduce their costs. 

At this local event, experts will share:

  • How to make the business case for robotic packaging automation
  • Packaging-specific robotic integration applications, such as pick-and-place packaging, cartoning and case packing, and end-of-line operations
  • The evolution of leading-edge applications, AI integrations, and collaborative robots options 
  • How to select the right robotic automation solution for your operational needs

Join us to learn how the bottom-line impact of robotic automation is within reach for companies of all sizes.

Paper, glass, plastic and aluminum packaging materials

What makes Packaging Robotics Live & Local different?

  • Network with and learn from other consumer packaged goods manufacturers in your area
  • No hotel stays or extended time away from work or family obligations required
  • Focused on finding solutions, not just more talk
  • Meet with suppliers who can help automate your operations
  • Programmed by the editors of Packaging World, the most trusted industry resource
  • The backing of PMMI, the largest association of packaging machinery manufacturers

Topics we may cover include:

  • What to expect when adding robots and/or cobots
  • Common hurdles to navigate when making the decision to deploy robots and/or cobots
  • Selecting and Integrating Robotics for CPGs
  • Building a business case to justify the ROI
  • How to conduct a plant audit to identify where robot or cobot solutions make sense
  • How to train engineers and operators on the safe us of robotics
  • Building a robotics-savvy workforce of the future
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