Who Should Attend?

Name: Kyle

Age: 35

Occupation: Sustainability Manager at Multinational CPG

Background: Kyle has been a sustainability manager for 4 years. He is very passionate about leveraging his role to create a positive impact on the environment. He is a strategic thinker who is always looking for ways to optimize processes and increase efficiency. Kyle is highly organized and takes a data-driven approach to decision making. His company has a goal to reach 100% recycled packaging in the year 2025. With such a short span of time to reach such goals, Kyle is hoping to identify cost-effective, fully recyclable packaging materials at PRS. 

Goals: Kyle is attending the Packaging and Recycling Summit to stay up to date on industry trends and find new solutions to reduce waste and increase sustainability for his company, focusing initial efforts in the United States. He is looking for ideas to implement into his organization to reduce packaging waste and increase the recyclability of his company’s packaging.

Name: Marcus

Age: 40

Occupation: Package Development Engineer at Converter

Background: Marcus has been working in the packaging industry for 12 years. He is considered a thought-leader when it comes to package development. His recent promotion has tasked him with the job of developing sustainable packaging solutions for the company’s customers that reduce waste, increase efficiency, and have a development process that can be streamlined. Marcus works on package redesigns as well as package development projects. He is more concerned with the structure of packaging such as make-up, barrier properties, thickness, and functionality.

Goals: Marcus is attending PRS to gain insight into innovative technologies that will help him assist his customers in achieving their goals. He would like to gain an understanding of the latest industry trends and developments as well as network with other Development Engineers to better understand their sustainability efforts. His team is interested in learning new skills to help their customers reduce packaging waste. They are already providing their customers with recyclable materials and believe their greatest pitfall is their customer’s packaging waste. He hopes that attending PRS will allow him to identify new avenues for his company to implement machinery upgrades that will allow for reduced waste or identify potential partnerships for collaboration. He is also interested in understanding how to better work with MRFs to engineer their customers’ packaging to meet recyclability standards.  

Name: Susan  

Age: 38  

Industry: Personal Care/Cosmetics  

Occupation: Brand Owner 

Background: Susan is a brand owner for a thriving cosmetics company. She has 7 years of experience in the industry and has a passion for sustainably packaging her company’s products. She is attending PRS to learn more about the latest trends and best practices in her field. She is interested in networking with professionals in the packaging industry to better understand how they are reducing packaging waste and addressing sustainability concerns. She believes that her company can improve their design, graphics, and packaging materials to enforce their efforts of recyclability. 

Goals: Susan is specifically eager to explore new technologies and methods of production to make her company’s packaging as recyclable as possible. She hopes that PRS will facilitate meaningful conversations with vendors to identify potential partnerships and solutions. Susan would like to curate resources to share with her team to stay ahead of the sustainability curve. Her main goal is to identify how other companies in the personal care space are improving their efforts at creating recyclable packaging in a cost-effective and environmentally efficient way. Her brand has a goal to create fully recyclable packaging on all their body wash products by 2027. By attending Packaging Recyling Summit, she is hoping to have the opportunity to chat with MRFs to better under what qualification process their packaging goes through to be deemed “100% recyclable.” She is spearheading this campaign and feels that the answers to their questions can be found at PRS.   

Name: Maria  

Age: 42  

Occupation: Manager of Procurement at CPG  

Background: Maria is attending PRS to meet with Raw Materials suppliers and learn about the latest sustainable innovations and technologies in these areas. While she is heavily focused on the costs of materials, she would like to learn more about options in the space. She is hoping to identify Raw Materials Suppliers that would allow her company to consolidate suppliers, save time on order placement, supplier communication, and shipping logistics. Since her company obtains very large orders, she hopes this fact will be a point of leverage to secure reduced  rates, reduce shipping costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Goals: Maria is attending PRS to identify potential material partners that will allow her company to reduce costs. She is on the hunt for materials that are environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, and cost-effective. She hopes attending PRS will allow her to find like-minded suppliers who are willing to work together to make positive changes in the industry. Maria believes that consolidation of vendors will help her company’s bottom line and is looking to identify partnerships with versatile suppliers at PRS.  

Name: Fatima

Age: 42

Occupation: Business Development Manager at Raw Materials Supplier

Background: Fatima’s company is a leading producer of food-grade PCR PET resin. Using highly automated proprietary processes to efficiently turn recycled bottles into high quality resin, Fatima is attending PRS to network with MRFs and better understand what drives MRFs’ investments and decision-making processes. She aims to build long-standing relationships with these experts that may turn into partnerships. She is also hoping to meet packaged food & beverage companies to identify new avenues of growth for her company to find opportunities to highlight that their offerings are food-grade. 

Goals: Fatima is attending PRS to identify new relationship building opportunities that will showcase their materials functionality. She is interested in learning more about the business of MRFs – how they invest, what a MRFs process looks like, and how they can work together to create industry standards. She is on the hunt for companies that value sustainability, ethical sourcing, and environmental action. She hopes attending PRS will allow her to find like-minded decision-makers who are willing to work together to make positive changes in the industry.   

Name: Timothy

Age: 36

Occupation: Package Design Manager at CPG

Background: Timothy has been working as a package design manager for 10 years. With his experience, he has gained a wealth of knowledge designing and developing packaging solutions for a variety of consumer products. Timothy’s company is very passionate about environmental sustainability and reducing waste. These topics are actively promoted within the company. Timothy’s role as a package design manager at an international CPG is to implement brand/packaging design strategies, concepts, solutions, and apply packaging design standards. He hopes to inspire and partner with brand and business leaders resulting in packaging excellence. 

Goals: Timothy is attending PRS to learn more about the latest developments in recyclable packaging, recycling technologies, and regulations related to the industry. He is working to manage key external packaging suppliers and brand design/packaging agencies in the integrated marketing process to set brand foundations, create positioning and the look and feel of their brands. By attending PRS, Timothy hopes to find and do business with suppliers and agencies that understand the vision he has for the company’s packaging as well as collaborate to uncover best practices and supplies to include.