MBOLD Coalition’s Collaborative Approach Unlocks a “Holy Grail” of Food-Grade, Film-to-Film Circularity

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The MBOLD-led coalition of businesses and innovators is driving the creation of circular economy for flexible films and packaging materials in the Upper Midwest. Coalition members include General Mills, Schwan’s Company, Target, Ecolab, Cargill, and the University of Minnesota. Through an innovative collaboration across the film value chain, MBOLD is working with film recycler Myplas USA and Wisconsin-based film converter Charter Next Generation (CNG) to create a circular economy for films.

This new initiative expands film recycling infrastructure and the supply of recycled resin for use in new products, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting waste. Through a $9.2 million  equity investment from General Mills, Schwan’s Company, Target, Ecolab and Charter Next Generation, Myplas will establish a state-of-the-art flexible film mechanical recycling plant in Minnesota. Slated to open in mid-2023, this 170,000-sq-ft mechanical recycling plant aims to recycle 90 million pounds of LDPE and HDPE packaging and film annually when at full capacity.

The U.S. uses 12 to 15 billion pounds of flexible packaging and films annually, but only 5% is recycled each year. The rest is landfilled, incinerated, or becomes litter. Compared with virgin plastics, studies show that use of recycled PE resins offers significant lifecycle benefits, including a 65% reduction in total energy used, a 59% reduction in water consumption, and a 71% reduction in global warming potential.

Building demand for recycled PE resin is also key to a circular economy. CNG will purchase recycled resin from Myplas for use in a variety of food, industrial, and healthcare film products. MBOLD members are now evaluating opportunities to direct film waste to Myplas for recycling and /or deploy recycled resin in new film products.

Join Packaging World for our next webinar as we discuss the creation of a collectively beneficial pull market for rPE alongside representatives from coalition members and allies. MBOLD Managing Director JoAnne Berkenkamp, General Mills’ David Chmura, MyPlas’ Andrew Pietersen, and Charter Next Generation (CNG)’s Apurva Shah will join <i>Packaging World</i> editorial director Matt Reynolds to discuss the following topics:

  • What advantages can brands and CPGs derive from regional, voluntary circular supply chains?
  • What’s the blueprint for creating  system like this in your region? 
  • What are the cost and benefit tradeoffs that brands and CPGs seeking to join these partnership need to make? 
  • What films are actually recyclable at MRFs, and which films are profitable to recycle?


JoAnne Berkenkamp
JoAnne Berkenkamp
Managing Director

David Chmura
David Chmura
Sr R&D Manager
General Mills

Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds
Chief Editor
Packaging World

Apurva Shah
Apurva Shah
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Charter Next Generation

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