Enhancing Manufacturing and Production Logistics: Strategies for Effective Automation Implementation


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Disruptions in your manufacturing or logistics operations come with huge costs – lost production time, product that must be scrapped, recalls and the associated costs and reputation damage, injury and possibly loss of life to employees. These disruptions can come from many sources – inability to find labor, human error from repetitive work or being overworked, forklift accidents, contaminants in food or beverage, improper use of equipment, or poor record tracking of material and product flow through the facility. Automation and digital manufacturing can greatly reduce these risks, but what are your options and how to properly implement them? Automation provides many opportunities for improvement around your facility: - Mobile robotics like AMRs to replace forklift drivers reduces the need for qualified operators and the risk as product moves around the factory or warehouse - Vision systems for inspection - Robots for palletizing & depalletizing, and other applications, to ensure proper loading & unloading of material without strain to workers - Digital solutions like ERP, MES, and WES for tracking movement of product into, through, and out of facility - Special industry-specific solutions, like hygienic robots & equipment for the food & beverage industry. During this webinar we will review the opportunities for implementing automation and provide suggestions on how to properly prepare your operations for a successful implementation.

Intelligent automation systems can help prevent downtime and costly disruptions in your operations. Lost production time, recalled product, skilled labor gaps, and human error, such as forklift accidents, are examples of risks that can be reduced with automation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying opportunities to automate manufacturing and logistics processes
  • Understand the automation options available for your operations
  • How to properly implement automation
  • Finding the right partner, training, and security measures


Tyler Britcher
Tyler Britcher
North American Sales Manager – Mobility

Robert Brodecki
Robert Brodecki
Business Development Manager - Food & Beverage / Consumer Goods

Kim Overstreet
Kim Overstreet
Director, Emerging Brands Alliance
PMMI Media Group

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