Automate Your End-of-Line in Days with Vention's Next Generation Robot Palletizer

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In today’s manufacturing landscape, speed is crucial to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to a faster product lifecycle. When automation solutions take months to be delivered, programmed, and deployed, manufacturers lose precious time instead of earning a return on investment.

Arising from the necessity for swift deployment and seamless integration, Vention introduced their latest Robot Palletizer—a next-generation palletizing solution crafted to get your operations up and running in under a fortnight. In this exclusive webinar, we delve into how this cutting-edge palletizer sets a new standard, not just in speed and efficiency but also in risk-free implementation with 2-day on-site commissioning and on-demand technical support.

Join us on January 23rd as we explore the cost-effective design that simplifies the entire process – from selecting product specifications to the swift deployment and seamless operation of the palletizer.

In this webinar, you will experience:

  • Future of Automation: Immerse yourself in the future of automation through firsthand experience with Vention’s user-friendly pallet configuration software, MachineApp.
  • Streamlined Operation: Track your machine’s health and performance with MachineAnalytics and get on-demand support within 10 minutes anytime, anywhere with Remote Support.
  • Exceptional Payback Period: Witness the exceptional payback period as fast as 6 months, highlighting the financial advantages of our rapid deployment solution.
  • Swift Automation Journey: Learn how our palletizer offers lead times as fast as 5 days, and 2-day deployment enabling you to accelerate your automation journey without delay.
  • Space-optimized Designs: Embrace designs with a small footprint, optimizing your floor space while maximizing operational efficiency.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness a seamless and effortless transformation in palletizing technology. Embrace efficiency, elevate your end-of-line capabilities, and be at the forefront of the automation revolution!


Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia
Senior Product Lead

Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds
Chief Editor
Packaging World

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